Monday, 9 November 2009

Childish prayers and hurricanes

I suspect that G-d is bored with our silly prayers. Maybe she even despises them.

Nonetheless we utter them.  And it is probably better if we pray “something” rather than “nothing”.

So I prayed today.  I prayed about Hurricane Ida. 

I asked that Ida would move close enough to our S.W. Florida coast to bring us much needed rain.

I added that I wanted Ida to miss New Orleans.

And that Ida would not spawn tornadoes in the Florida panhandle, especially in Pensacola where good friends of mine live.

That’s quite a tall order!  Maybe my silly prayers were wafted away by the winds before they reached whatever we mean by G-d.

Soon after lunch I drove down to Sarasota’s Lido Beach, hoping to see that Ida had generated some fine surf.

There was a wee bit of surf.  There were one or two surf riders.  There were sea birds which gathered in a platoon, or slept.

I walked the beach for a bit.  I was disappointed that the surf was less than dramatic.  But I was happy to walk a breezy and  balmy beach in November.

Surf's up

Catching a wave 

Birds in the breeze

Sleepy Head

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  1. As a person who owns a house in Pensacola, thanks for the prayer for my property. :)