Sunday, 28 February 2010


Here are two statements, followed by a question.

Statement 1. "Some folks are too good/nice/ethical/caring etc  to be effective agents of change".

Statement 2. "Leadership for change requires passion and ruthlessness, as well as truth"

Question.  "Do the above statements give you any clue as to how I regard President Obama?"


Of course I would vote again for him in a heartbeat!

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  1. Well said, Michael.
    Did you ever see my post: “Birthers? the Part of Lincoln Should be Ashamed of Itself,” which strikes some similar notes.

    If you've never seen the clip of Welch confronting Joe McCarthy with the “have you no shame” speech, you really need to. I don't know where it is to be found, maybe You Tube, but it is one of the most incandescent moments in American history, and it for all practical purposes ended the witch hunt. I had a friend whose father, an Army dentist, whose life was badly damaged by McCarthy.

    Who will be the Welch today to speak the truth about this new very dangerous movement in our national life?