Saturday, 20 February 2010


I ate the contents of my last can of Tuna at lunch today.

It's the last can  -   of the six I bought a couple of months ago.

It's the last can, cos I have decided to forswear Tuna.

    It's great and tasty fish, whether served from a can or grilled from a Tuna steak. The canned variety is cheap.

But humankind has ridden the oceans of 90% of their Tuna populations.  The 10% which are left are a shaky breeding stock.

We humans seem determined to eat whatever we can take from the oceans, thus denuding populations and reducing breeding stocks to an impossibly low level.

So I'll eat no more Tuna.

My decision will have no effect on the decline of Tuna.  Yet...

... I'll eat no more Tuna

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