Saturday, 24 April 2010

My weekend adventure in New England

 A week ago I was in New England for Ian Douglas’ consecration as Bishop of Connecticut.
I extended my trip to three nights so that I could get to visit with some of my old friends.
I was in nine towns, Granby, Ludlow, South Deerfield, Greenfield, Williamstown and Lenox MA, together with Hartford, Windsor Locks and Glastonbury in Connecticut.  Only nine towns, but a host of friends!
Joe and Deanne R with their children Faith and Ben.  I’ve known Joe since 1980 and assisted at Deanne and Joe’s wedding. On Thursday 15th April 2010 I stayed overnight with Joe and Dee. Joe’s brother Bill joined us for dinner. Bill, Joe and Dee are also friends of my bother Martyn and sister-in-law Wendy.
Charles and Pam B. I visited with them for mid-morning coffee on Friday 16th April 2010. Pam is a member of St. Christopher’s in Chicopee, MA where I was Vicar 1980-1984. She shares my naughty sense of humour!
Richard T.  He and I go back to about 1978 in Fitchburg.  There I also go to know his dad and step-mom, and his three brothers and one sister.  Richard married Elizabeth back in 1984 on Long Island, and yes, I assisted in that ceremony!  

Richard is 6’7” and he has never forgotten my mother who invited him to fly to England to paint her kitchen ceiling – sans step ladder!  

The constraints of time meant that Richard and could do no more than meet for breakfast on Friday 16th April 2010 in a restaurant, therefore  I did not get to see Elizabeth and their three sons.
On Saturday 17th April 2010 I met many friends at the ordination of Ian Douglas to be bishop of Connecticut , especially as the St. James’s, Cambridge choir sang at the service,

  Of special pleasure was seeing Trish M.  That was unexpected. She and her husband Chris were members of St. James’s. They now serve in Ecuador where Chris will be ordained Priest later this year.
It is always a pleasure to spend time with Grace J.  She was my Junior Warden in Pittsfield. Since then her career has taken her first to Oneonta, N.Y, to Park City, UT and now to Norwich, CT where she is president of the Three Rivers Community College.  Grace and I have managed to get together from time to time even though we’ve been separated by many miles.  On Friday 16th April 2010  we shared a lovely time over dinner in a Glastonbury, CT restaurant.
Saturday evening, (April 17th 2010)  after the consecration I had dinner with Noel P. and Kristin and their sons in South Deerfield.  I’ve know Noel since about 1979 when he was a school boy camper at the former Camp Bement. I had never before met his wife and children, and it was fun to see Noel as a mature family man.
After an overnight in a Greenfield Hotel I drove west on the lovely  Route 2, up into the Berkshire Hills, and to Williamstown in time for Sunday Eucharist at St. John’s, Williamstown. I am very fond of the Rector Peter and his wife Diana – both of whom were mildly shocked to see me in their midst. In their minds I was down in Florida – the State, not the nearby Massachusetts town by that name.  The service included a splendid adult baptism, and I’ll comment on that tomorrow.  Peter’s sermon was first class.
( See “Breakfast is Served” at  )
Then it was down very familiar roads from Williamstown to Lenox where I had a good lunch and an excellent conversation with Gwen S.  I’ve known Gwen since 1975 when she was one of the trainers for the Vacation Church School team of which I was a part that summer. It is always good to be with Gwen.
And now, six days later, it is good to be back at home!

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  1. Peter Elvin preached another first class sermon (homily) at my brother Joshua's wedding last summer at Camp Bement.

    Glad you had a good trip! Those are my old stomping grounds too.