Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Getting a slap and some electric shocks - all in one day.

I awoke sometime in the middle of last night (May 4th/5th 2010) because someone had slapped the top of my right foot.

In a semi-somnolent state I cried out “who is it?”

When I eventually awakened fully I realized that I had slapped the top of my right foot with the sole of my left foot.   

Then I started to giggle at the thought of my anxious cry:  “who is it?”

I am a very restless sleeper!

Later, in the mid afternoon of May 5th, I got about 20 electric shocks.

Being slapped and electric-shocked all in one day is a bit much.

But the shocks were administered by a Neurologist who was trying to find out why my left hand has become numb and tingly. He also stuck some pins in the muscles of my hand and arm to measure their activity.

Was it “Parkinson’s Disease?” – No

Or “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”No again

‘Tis all much more simple.

It turns out that a nerve my in left elbow is a bit bruised.  This is most likely because I spend so very many hours using my computer all the while time resting my left elbow on the hard wooden arm of a chair.  That nerve leads directly to my hand.

Medical Science is truly marvelous. A “tingly and numb” left hand had worried me.  A good Neurologist with exceptional technology had been able to allay my fears in the space of 45 minutes.

Now I have changed chairs at my desk and I am using a straight back chair with no arms. This should “take care of things”.

Do not tell anyone, but I thought that the electric shocks were “kinda” cool and fascinating.

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