Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sadelaide (2)

Adelaide came home on Monday afternoon, after three days at the Veterinarian’s Clinic.  The news is good!  I’ll get to that soon.

But first you must hear about the responses to the return of the wanderer by senior cat Ada, and Penne the dog.

Ada reacted as if she had never before encountered Adelaide.  She kept “batting” at Adelaide with her right paw as an old cat might do to a new cat.  In due course the cats rubbed up against each other, and peace prevailed.

Penne was entirely confused. It was as if she could not remember that she shares my home with two felines.  She seemed to be confused.  First she would look at Ada, and then at Adelaide.  She repeated this for about ten minutes.  She gave Adelaide a sniff test, from nose to tail.  Then she relaxed! 

I had a long conversation with the Veterinarian this afternoon.  He assured me that the analysis of Adelaide’s urine showed no anomalies.  His best guess is that she has a weakness in the wall of her bladder.  The condition is more frequent in dogs than in cats.

There is an efficacious drug for dogs, but it has to be “compounded” for cats, and thus becomes very expensive.

Therefore my Vet is recommending the use of “Dasuquin”. 

Dasuquin is a “natural supplement”.  It seems to strengthen muscular tissue. 

It also includes an extract from (get this) avocadoes, which seem to reduce inflammation in feline bladders.

(I twice use the word “seem/s” because the scientific tests of Dasuquin are not yet in).  

For now I am mixing up the powder from the Dasuquin capsules into a bit of canned tuna.  Adelaide is scoffing this down, and she is no longer leaking urine. 

Please keep your fingers crossed that this “natural” treatment will continue to work.  I cannot envisage life without my lovely and loving Adelaide. 




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