Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"Why me Lord?" (tongue in cheek)

No blog entries until at least Oct 7th 2010, cos I am off on an adventure.



In the meantime I reflect on many blessings!

Ron and Lee, (with Lee’s 92 year old mother Myrtle):  My dog Penne will stay with them whilst I am away.  They think that she is “an angel”, and Penne is very used to being with them, and she is therefore very comfortable.

David: who will drive me to the airport when I leave, and meet me there when I return. He will also stay in my home whilst I am away, and take care of the cats Ada and Adelaide. David is a “cat person” and my cats know it.  

Ben: who will make us dinner at his home on my return day. (I’d hate to have to cook that evening!)

Chris and Trish: whose invitation to Ecuador has made this trip possible.

This wonderful and fearful world:  in which an Englishman who became an American, will now travel to Ecuador.  My Dad could not have comprehended such a thing.

My family members and friends: who are so excited for me as I take this trip.

And so it goes - causing my heart and mind to be filled with gratitude.

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