Sunday, 21 November 2010

My concerns

My concerns are for:

Liz, a young mother of three, and wife of Matt.  She has particularly nasty cancer. Liz is the daughter in law of my good friends Ron and Charlotte.

Brenda, also a mother with cancer.  Her husband is Dudley.  He is my brother Martyn’s long time work colleague.  I had a nice visit with Dudley and Brenda last year when I was in England.

Sgt. Michael Cachat, U.S. Army National Guard.  Michael is serving in Afghanistan. He was one of the young people who attended St. Stephen’s, Pittsfield when I was the Rector.

My brother Martyn, who will have an angiogram, then possibly angioplasty in the near future.

My twin Elizabeth, who has been diagnosed with M.S.

Pam, a parishioner from Chicopee days.  She is “down” with shingles.

“G.D.”  a cheerful man who used to sit in the pew on front of me at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL, who is in prison for 60 months for the crime of securities fraud.

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