Friday, 21 January 2011

It’s been a darn good day! I am grateful.

Mary C. is a parishioner at St. James’s Episcopal Church in Cambridge, MA.  I grew to respect and admire her during my tenure there (2000-2006).  Mary’s parents live in Redington Beach, FL - a 60 minute drive from my home in Sarasota.

Mary came to visit her parents the other day. She got in touch with me on Thursday evening via Skype.

Thus it was that I was able to hook up with Mary and her mother (Sally) today.

The three of us gathered at the Salvador Dali Museum at its new building in St. Petersburg, FL.   


It’s a fabulous museum in a gorgeous new building. 

Salvador Dali was a Spanish artist.


I think of him as a mystic.  Thanks to a fabulous head-set and player I was able to listen to some fabulous recorded commentary about his major works.

This commentary helped me to perceive and begin to understand the deeper “meaning” of Dali’s work. 

It reminded me that that deeper task of we the preachers is to help other Christians to perceive and understand the “meanings” in Holy Scripture.

After our museum visit, Mary, Sally and I had lunch in a very pleasant restaurant “just down the road”.

Thus three ingredients for a blessedly good day all came together:

1.  Reunion  with friends  (Mary and Sally).
2.  Encountering something new (Dali’s art).
3.  A  simple meal.

It’s been a darn good day!  I am grateful.

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  1. See Proper Ten of both the traditional and contemporary texts in BCP. It is interesting that you use the words you do.