Thursday, 13 January 2011


FIRST  a disclaimer.  I vowed that when I  adopted my cats and my dog via the Sarasota Humane Society that I would never refer to myself as their “daddy”.  I have broken that vow!

Simple pleasures:

1.  jmp speaks:  My simple pleasures are: 

reading a good book as I sit on the lanai. 

taking an afternoon nap as I lay prone on my new “recliner” ( which I bought as a bargain at $60 from a local second-hand store).

snacking on smoked mussels from the Duck Trap Company in Maine.

2.  Penne the dog speaks:  “When daddy sits down to read a book I know that he in fact is summoning me.  So I press my wet nose into his leg, and then turn around so that he will scratch my haunches.  I know that he’d rather do this than read".

3.From Ada the senior cat: “Daddy is not trying to nap on his recliner.  In truth he wants me to jump up onto his belly so that I can get a good sleep. But first I have to knead away with my front paws, so that I can make a nest on his tummy.  I hope that this pleases him“.

4. Junior cat Adelaide has her say: “Mussels are all well and good.  But tuna is better.  I am so happy that daddy gives me a bit of canned tuna each afternoon, so I choose to ignore that he sneaks my daily medication into this delicious snack.

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