Sunday, 25 September 2011

Resisting isolation

I often have to “force myself” to leave my home.  You see, I am perfectly contented to be alone at home with my books, my dog, and my cats. 

Yet I understand that this can be dangerous. 

All alone I can get in to stinking thinking, which will lead me to a modicum of self pity, and to more than a trace of misanthropic thinking.

Thus it was today. I took myself to the 8:00 a.m. Eucharist at my parish Church where I was slated to assist our fabulous assistant rector, the Revd. Andrea Taylor.

That being done I wanted to spend the balance of the day alone.  

But I had promised to meet a good friend for lunch up in Tampa, where he lives.

My “isolationist” tendency came into full force. I thought of a thousand and one reasons why the 55 mile drive to Tampa would be impossible.  I was sorely tempted to call my pal and to re-schedule our lunch.

But, home from Church, and after a nap I decided that I would resist all the temptations to isolate. 

So I went to Tampa.  I met my good friend. (Sadly his girl-friend could not join us).

Over lunch I rejoiced in his wisdom, his knowledge, and his integrity.

He knows very much about the Arab world and about Islam. I was therefore privileged to soak up his wisdom and knowledge.

It was a fabulous encounter.  So now I am pleased that I resisted the “easy way” of staying alone at home.

I always do better when I move from isolation into community.

P.S.   This young friend is the oldest child of my colleague from Cambridge MA days:- the Revd. Steve Bons-y, and of Steve’s incredibly wise wife Elisabeth K-ller.

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