Monday, 17 October 2011

Musings on a a cooler day (2)


1.South West Airlines and Air Tran are merging  ( I am not making this up).  I’d love for the merged airline to be called SWAT

2. I buy treats for my cats.  One packet advertises  "Beef Tenderloin Flavour”, another “Tuna Flavour”, yet another is “Backyard Cookout – Chicken, Liver and Beef Flavours”.   (***)

I am not sure that my cats know the difference.  But these little treats must be coated with some attractively tasting substance, for as soon as I even touch a packet, the cats come running.

( I think that it’s the same substance that they put on Doritos).

3. On a carton of orange juice emblazoned in large type  (more than once) are the words “Fresh Florida Squeezed”.  Must be good eh, if it’s from Florida.  But note that it only ever says “Florida Squeezed”, never “Florida Grown”.  Leads me to think that the oranges come from places other that Florida.  I’m just saying.

(***)  I lied.  This is the United States so it reads "flavor"


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