Monday, 3 October 2011

Musings on a a cooler day.

The meteorologists called it a “cold front”. It came through South West Florida on Friday.

Having lived most of my life (so far) in more northern climes I thought of it as a “cooler front”.

Early morning temperatures on Saturday and Sunday dropped to 59 F (15 C), and the “heat of the day” reached about 80 F (26 C), each day being sans humidity.

This is wonderful “walking weather”, and I think of it as S.W. Florida climate at its best.

Penne and I walked out mid-morning today. It was balmy and breezy – maybe about 75 F (23 C).

We heard birds singing in the shrubs, bushes and trees.

Butterflies with pale yellow wings danced in the air (often there were two of them, engaging in lovely aerial ballets).

Double-winged insects were swirling all around. They were impossible to identify "on the wings", but perhaps they were "Broad Winged Chasers" (see below)

We heard the cry of a hawk, and the chatter of an osprey.

The pond around which we walked gave off a slightly stale smell, (we’ve not had rain in a few days) - and I was instantly reminded of the smell of the lake in Eastville Park, Bristol – about a mile and a half away from where I grew up. (How wonderful it is that what we smell evokes memories!)

For a moment I was reminded of that old saying: “God is in his heaven, all’s right with the world”.

Fair enough, even though I frequently wonder where (or if) “God is” and I know that all is NOT right with the world.

But it was good to “suspend judgement” about the bigger issues for a few minutes, and to “take time to smell the roses”.

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