Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A lovely encounter

My favourite local supermarket is not the dominant and ubiquitous “Publix”  (high prices and crummy produce). It is “SweetBay” a part of the Hannaford Group.

There I was this afternoon to get some red potatoes and brussels sprouts to cook and eat for dinner with some homemade meat loaf.

My cashier/clerk was a young woman.  At her till was a large sign which read “my belt is broken” – meaning that the moving belt which transports purchases towards the cash register would not work.

Being a very “male” male I immediately checked the belt on my trousers, and assured her that my own belt was O.K.

She grinned and said “it’s only the men who make jokes about this, the women never do”.

Ooops!  I apologised, and then asked her age.

She told me that she is 18 years old. She is an adult.

I responded by saying: “Let me tell you something which you will soon discover. Men’s brains are not in their heads, they are below their belts”.

“I already know that” she countered “that’s why I prefer women”.

“Do you have a girl friend?”  I asked.

“Oh yes” she said “we’ve just started dating”.

I congratulated her with all my heart. I thanked her for telling me this.  I wished her very bit of success with her new relationship.

As I drove home I rejoiced that this 18 years old woman felt so secure in her sexuality.  I was honoured that she had felt free to tell me a bit about her life and love.

It is a wonderful new world eh?

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