Thursday, 1 December 2011

Music and memory

As you have previously read, my home is very quiet.  The T.V. is never on.  I can live very comfortably without background noise.

However, when I go out of the house, I turn on the radio and tune in to our local classical music station WSMR.  This is for the benefit of my wonderful dog Penne.  She seems to be a bit more relaxed if the radio is on when I am absent.

It’s also for my benefit.  For, when I return home, I sometimes leave the radio on.

Thus it was that yesterday I heard one of the two “Romances for Violin and Orchestra” by Beethoven. 

As I listened my mind was filled with memories.

For when my Dad lay a dying in 1974 (before he went to Ham Green Hospital near Bristol for his final hours on this earth) I sat with him in our “middle room” and we listened to the two Beethoven Romances on an “E.P” (extended play) records (remember those E.P’s?).

‘Twas a bittersweet time.
I cannot be certain that Dad heard and enjoyed the music.

But Dad was there. I was there. And Beethoven was there.

In that trinity of me, dad, and Beethoven was also the trinity of God.

Here is one of the Beethoven Romances.

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