Monday, 9 April 2012

Single payer

I had some treatments from my Dermatologist on Feb 6th 2012.

The cost of such treatments is paid by

1. Medicare (a U.S. Government programme for retirees towards which I contribute each month from my Social Security Pension).

2. My supplemental insurance via the Episcopal Church medical trust  (to which I contribute each month from my Episcopal Church pension).

3. Directly by me.

For instance, on March 20th I was billed $9.78 for my share of the  Feb. 6th bill. I paid my dermatologist immediately.

She has also received payments from Medicare and from my Supplemental Insurance.


Today I got yet another bill from the Dermatologist for two of those Feb 6th treatments.  She is asking for an additional $28.05.

So far as I am concerned her bill is gobble-de-gook.   For instance, the Bill shows “PER EOB PT RESP” for two procedures

I have not the slightest idea what means, nor why I am being billed again for these two treatments.

But I will pay up, lest I be placed on some delinquent payers’ list, and then be harassed by a Debt Collector.


On the other hand I took my dog Penne to the Veterinarian’s office today for her annual check up.

The Vet took blood and checked it with a Heartworm Antigen Test.
He analysed the fecal sample which I took with me.
 He checked her heart, lungs, eyes, ears and teeth.

(She is in great shape!)

He gave her a shot against Parvo; another one against Leptospirosis; and a third against Bordetella pertussis (kennel cough).

This bill was totally understandable, and I paid it immediately.

It seems very odd to me that Veterinarians live well with a “single payer” plan, but that Medical Doctors and Surgeons have to live with a “triple payer” plan.

It seems very odd to me that I cannot understand the bill from my Dermatologist, but that the Veterinarian’s bill is utterly clear.

It seems very perverse to me that the Republicans (champions of the “free market”) are totally opposed to a single payer system for human health care, but would applaud the “single payer” systems of businesses such as my Vet.

Just sayin’

(Just sayin’ that Republican Party policies are inconsistent.)

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  1. "EOB PT RESP" means "Estimation of Benefits Patient Responsibility." You would be getting one EOB from Medicare and another from the Episcopal Trust or United Health Care I forget which (I have that one too). The easiest thing is to write down your appointments chronologially on the inside of a file folder and stick the EOB's in the folder with a notation about which appt. they are for. It took me a while to develop this system, which makes keeping track fairly simple. As for the vet, I really can't afford it at all!!