Saturday, 5 May 2012

Jesus was not a Bishop

"Jesus was not a bishop — Alleluia!"

This quote is from a reader of the "Baltimore Sun".  He was responding to an article about the strange behaviours of Roman Catholic Bishops.

I like what he had to say:: "Jesus was not a bishop — Alleluia!"

But to be clear, indeed Jesus was not a Roman Catholic Bishop. Nor was he a Bishop in the Church of England, or the in the American Episcopal Church.

Nor was he a Priest in the hierarchical way which Catholics and Anglicans promote.

1.Jesus is our brother.

2. Jesus is a servant.

3. Jesus is a teacher.

4. Jesus is the human face of the Holy God.

5. Jesus  is the "Great High Priest" for those who come to God through him.

6. Jesus is not the font of a Churchly hierarchy.


.Bishops and Priests (and I am a Priest) may be all well and good if they serve for the "bene" (good) of God's people.

They are dangerous when the assert that their ordinations are of the "esse" (essence) of what it means to be Church.

They are best when they minister:

as sisters/brothers;
as servants;
as teachers;
as human faces of the eternal and gracious God.


"Jesus was not a bishop — Alleluia!"

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