Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rep. Vernon Buchanan insults the voter's intelligence

U.S. Representative Vernon Buchanan (R) of the 13th District of Florida (where I vote) mails glossy and expensive looking brochures to voters within the District about three times a year.  These brochures are mailed at the taxpayer’s expense.

His brochures often include “tear-off” postcards, with questions to which he asks voters to respond, and mail back to his office (at the voter’s expense)

Of course these questions are worded in a very simplistic way.  They are designed to elicit responses which are favourable to Rep. Buchanan’s point of view.

I am not as unintelligent as Rep. Buchanan would suppose. In fact I find that his questions are “loaded”, and disrespectful of my wisdom and knowledge.

Nonetheless I “fill in” and return his postcards.

On the most recent one (see below) I wrote:this

“These matters are far more complicated that can be answered with YES/NO/UNDECIDED. The questions insult my intelligence”.

Are you listening Congressman Buchanan?

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