Cool day in Hotlanta

Off I went on Sunday 24th June 2012 to take an Air-Tran flight from Sarasota Fl to Atlanta GA.

Despite the heavy rains and fierce winds from tropical storm “Debby,  the flight left on time and arrived in Atlanta ten minutes early.

My friend Susan and Lisa met me at the airport.

I have known Susan for more than 30 years.  We first met when I was a chaplain at Camp Bement – the summer camp for children in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts.

My love and respect for Susan grew more and more when I became the Rector at St. Stephen’s Parish in Pittsfield, MA. I knew her as a high school, college, and law school student.

 I was delighted to meet Lisa when she and Susan became partners in Atlanta.

So they met me at the airport, and then we worshipped and prayed together at their home Church (Trinity United Methodist Church), just across the street from Atlanta’s City Hall. Trinity has  gorgeous building and a sadly declining, but very joyous  congregation
After “church” the three of us had a barbecue lunch at “Daddy Z’s”, a barbecue joint in Atlanta.

“Daddy Z’s” building looks as if it is an abandoned property. It is utterly crummy.

But the food is very southern and exceptionally good.  I feasted on “pulled pork” with “sides” of collards greens and black eyed peas. Yummy!

Lisa and Susan drove me around some of the haunts which I recalled from 1991, when I had a three month sabbatical leave in Atlanta. That was fun.

Then they deposited me at the Episcopal Cathedral in Atlanta.  Indeed, I  had travelled to Atlanta for the ordination of Tracy Wells Miller.

It’s a long story- but to put it simply - Tracy began her journey t’wards ordination when she was a student at Harvard Divinity School.    She began to worship at St. James’s, Porter Square, Cambridge during my tenure there as the Rector.

She and “I held hands” as she moved towards ordination.  So I was blessed, overjoyed, and honoured to be at her ordination.

After this grand service I hitched a ride back to Atlanta’s airport.  My ATL to SRQ flight left late and arrived on time.

Tropical storm “Debby” had decided to take a brief rest.  Therefore I was able to drive from the airport to my home “sans’ rain, and to take my beloved dog Penne for a “pee walk” at 11:15 p.m.

‘Twas such a grand day!

Lisa and Michael

Susan Hughes

Michael and Susan

Michael and Tracy

Crummy outside of "Daddy D'z"  Inside the food is great


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