Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The legacy of colonialism and a wise woman.

Ly May Chan, one of the women who leads the Ta Phin village, Sapa Vietnam (where I will visit next month) writes as follows:

“I have worked with outside organizations to educate the villagers about the problem of visiting paedophiles. The villagers are clear about this risk. Child molesters are not tolerated.”

What a tragedy that at a woman leader in rural Vietnam has to address this matter.

She has to do so because of the legacies of:

1. Colonialism.

2. Racism (which considers Asian children to be of lesser worth than our own kids).

3. A depraved, evil, and perverse understanding of human relationships, and of human sexuality, on the part of (mostly) western males.

4. (Tangentially) – the extreme poverty of large families in South East Asian communities.

What wisdom, honesty and courage Ly May Chan possesses.

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