Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Turnips and Lawyers

When I grew up my Mum would add turnips to the lamb or beef stews which she often made for Saturday lunch in the winter months.

I was not impressed!  Nor did I care for the parsnips which she added to those stews.

In recent, (say the last twenty) years I have grown to like parsnips.

But what about turnips?:  Are they worthy of praise?.

My good pal Ben gave me some very small turnips the other day.

I peeled, sliced and boiled them and then I sautéed them in a wee bit of olive oil.

Oh my goodness, they were delicious. They were so good that they did not need even the tiniest bit of seasoning.



This morning I spent about 45 minutes with my Sarasota lawyer to make sure that all my records and wishes were up to date.

This was in anticipation of my 2013 - Jan 26th –  Feb 10th -  visit to Vietnam: - it was a sort of “belt and braces” (“belt and suspenders”)  precaution.

I had taken a blank cheque/check, so at the end of the interview I enquired about his fee.

“Not a penny” he said.  “I am happy to help you”.

I replied:  “Thank you very much, but please let me make out this cheque/check to your favourite charity”.

“No” he said, “but you could make it out to your favourite charity”.

I was on my way to Resurrection House (Sarasota’s day shelter for homeless people) where I lead a weekly prayer service.

Once there I made out the check as a donation to Res. House,  in honour of my  Sarasota lawyer, Paul Moran, Esq.


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