Saturday, 23 March 2013

Reincarnation? ( and other matters)

Re-incarnation is a rather dubious theory.  

After all, what is the point of coming back if you cannot remember or learn from the experiences in your “previous life”.
But if we do come back, please may I be:
1.    A Beadle, or

2.  The Custos of Winchester Cathedral, or

3.  The Ceremonarius.

These were some of the “J.K.Rowling” type figures who participated in the enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury the other day. 

My preference would be the “Custos” –  with such rich   opportunities to use bad language.

4.  Whatever else please don’t let me come back as a Republican.
Fast Phil was my barber for a few years when I lived in Cambridge, MA. Here is an article about him from a local paper.
 Silliness via my niece Leah in England.


And via my friend Muriel


And thanks to friend Bill Byers for this


Finally, on a serious note, here is a quotation from Diana Butler Bass  which has more than a grain of truth.  I’ll keep it in mind as we enter “Holy Week”
Christianity was never intended
to be a system or a structure 
of belief in the modern sense;
it originated as a
disposition of the heart.

(Diana Butler Bass)

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