Sunday, 14 April 2013


Critters 1.

I  heard the patter of tiny feet in the attic.

Indeed, this morning, when I shut my bedroom door very firmly I heard what seemed to be a semi-platoon of critters.

I have also heard  critter noises from other parts of the attic, and from crawl spaces at the front of my home, and next door.

I reported this to the Condominium Association, and my neighbours Edythe Thomas, and Dawn Chimes (yes that is her name).

The three of us "happened" upon each other this afternoon. Turns out that Edythe and Dawn have also heard the patter.  (We are in a pod of three single story units, and the chances were fairly strong that if I had unwelcome guests, the same would be true for Edythe and Dawn.

So (thank goodness) it will be the responsibility of the Condo. Association to deal with this problem.

The critters could be bats. Other condo pods had a "bat problem" last year. (Yet I have not seen bats flying around this area at dusk and in the early morning this year).

Might they be rats?  If that is the case I am a bit surprised that my cats have not shown any excitement. (But if there are rats, they can be dealt with [humanely] in a reasonably  short time).

My worst case scenario is that they are squirrels (Good Lord, they are hard to trap and remove!).

Pods:  l- r  (1) jmp (2) Edythe (3) Dawn

Crawl spaces at the front of my Villa from which I have heard critter patters.


Critters (2)

My dog Penne's harness broke:-  not bad after five years of service.

I bought her a new one.  

It has been admired by other dog walkers.

And I believe that harnesses like this are the kindest and most gentle for our canine pals.

In this pic Penne is waiting by my front door (her tail all a-wagging) as she waits for her walk.

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