Monday, 26 August 2013

North Carolina mini-vacation

I went up to western North Carolina for a few days, there to stay with my Sarasota friends Ed Green and Eddie Palmer.  They have a delightful little house in the town of Laurel Park, just outside Hendersonville. Their home is set in about 1 1/2 acres of wonderful woodland.

They took me up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway (in the Mt Pisgah area). Such lovely country.

We spent some time in Asheville, a bustling City with many fine late 19th/early 20th century buildings (and some ghastly late 20th century monstrosities).

We visited the fabulous Farmer's Market in Asheville, then after  Saturday lunch we wandered the streets and enjoyed the street entertainers.  (No time for Biltmore).

Dinner in Hendersonville at a Restaurant called "The Green Room" was terrific  (I had crab cakes in which I could actually see and taste the crab meat -  not  like many crabcakes which consist mostly of "filler" over which a crab has been waved).

After dinner we could not resist ice cream at "Kilwins"  -  (super ice cream, but a bit pricey at $3.85 for a single scoop cone).

It was lovely to be with Ed and Eddie, and to see a bit of the world with which I was unfamiliar.

And I loved the hills and mountains - in beautiful contrast to the endless flatland which is Florida.

From the Blue Ridge Parkway

"Weeds" are lovely

View from the Pisgah Inn

Looking Glass Falls (1)

Looking Glass Falls (2)

The waterfall is splendid even in August 2013 because this part of North Carolina has had heavy summer rains.

Just below the Falls

Delicate flowers at Looking Glass Falls (1)

Delicate flowers at Looking Glass Falls  (2)

The Patio at Ed and Eddie's home in Laurel Park

Eddie Palmer (l), Ed Green (r) at the Pisgah Inn

jmp at Looking Glass Falls

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