Monday, 25 November 2013

A friend indeed

I count Grace Jones as one of my dearest friends.  We met when I was the Rector at St. Stephen's in Pittsfield, MA  (1984-2000).  She ministered with me as the Junior Warden of that parish.

Grace moved away from Pittsfield to work at SUNY  (State University of New York) in Oneonta NY where I was privileged to visit with her.

Then she became the President at what is now called USU Eastern ( a State College in Utah).

Now she is the President at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich CT.  I have visited with her there two or three times.

I respect Grace for her wonderful leadership and service in higher education.

But more than that I cherish her as a friend and confidante.

We talked on the 'phone for about forty five minutes this evening.  What a blessing!

I am also grateful for her daughter Libby, Libby's husband Sam, and their children GiGi and Theo. I officiated at Sam and Libby's wedding, and baptized GiGi and Theo.  This family now lives in Austin Texas.

And I have a great respect for Grace's son Derrick.  I stayed overnight with him last January in Los Angeles when I was en-route to Vietnam.

I thank God for Grace and the blessing of our friendship.

I believe that when I approach the end of this life I will not care about the possessions I  acquired, but I will rejoice in the friendships I sustained.

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