Thursday, 21 November 2013

A very good day......but

Yes,  I've enjoyed a very good day, ending with a good dinner at Barnacle Bill's on Main St in SRQ, with my first cousin Janet and her partner Steve (visiting in this area from Bristol, U.K.) together with our dearest Sarasota friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson.

More about that tomorrow

BUT  oh my dear sweet Penne.   She had a bath and a nail trimming today. She has to be given a mild anti-anxiety drug on nail trimming days, otherwise she puts up great resistance to the nail cutting.

The effects of this drug usually wears off after about six hours, but not so today. It's thirteen hours since I gave her the pills (and she is the easiest dog in  the world when it comes to giving her them) she is so sleepy, so spacy. Her eyes are bloodshot, and she can only manage a wee wiggle of her tail when I sweet-talk her.

This too shall pass, and I have every expectation that she will be her energetic self tomorrow.

But it's today not tomorrow, and I am like an anxious parent whose child is a wee bit sickly.

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