Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bristol U.K. I dream of ...........

I dreamed the other night that I was walking through an old industrial city with my friends Kathy and Mark.

In the dream I pointed out a gorgeous old building which had spires and a dome.  I "knew" this to be the combined City Hall and Fire Station.

The city and the building are in my dreams and nowhere else. 

But all our dreams have a genesis or a trigger.  In the case of this particular dream the genesis may well have been that I am a great admirer of Victorian civic and commercial buildings, and the trigger was mostly likely the news that the gorgeous Lloyds Bank building in Corn St. Bristol is no longer open for banking.

Corn St is a narrow road in the centre of Bristol. It was until recent years the place for commerce and law.  There were many banks on Corn St, some with outstanding architecture.   The street has "the Corn Exchange" - and old building which was once a trading place for grain sellers and buyers.  There is also the "Commercial Rooms"  - formerly a multi use building for all manner of businesses. The street has/had a law court. It has a church, and the covered St. Nicholas Market.

When I was a child my Mum would sometimes dispatch me to a dusty office on Corn St, there to pay what was known as a  ground rent.  I was always in awe of the street.

(see this for Ground Rent  [now abolished in Bristol])

Ground rent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here are some pictures of buildings on Corn St.

St Nicholas Market

Corn Exchange with Church (All Saints?) in background

Commercial Rooms

St Nicholas Market 2

Nat West Bank  (formerly Westminster Bank)  not the grandest building on Corn St, but it was the chief Bristol Office of the Bank for which I worked.

Lloyds Bank 1

Lloyds Bank 2
Midland Bank?

Lloyds Bank 3


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