Monday, 14 April 2014

CPAP/Apnea and all that stuff

Two weeks into using the CPAP machine.........
1. I found that the so called "pillow"(nose only)  connection did not work well for me. The soft plastic nasal buds kept falling out of my nostrils.
2.  Now I am using a mask which covers my snout and my gob. It is more comfortable than I expected it to be.
3. The CPAP machine has all manner of readings, and it also has a removable card which I can download onto my computer.
For instance the card showed that I had 7.9 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, whilst the CPAP machine readings indicated that my Apnea is not "normal" but that it is slightly above "mild", and well below "moderate". (There is no way of knowing how many Apneas I  might have had without the machine)
4.  However these readings are affected because I also have "lazy leg syndrome" which the machine might register as Apneas, and  also because there is about a 30% leakage around the perimeters of the mask (I will tighten the straps for tonight)..
ALL this is technical and may not amount to a hill of beans  (ain't technology wonderful!), for the precipitating problem remains -  I am still very tired for most of the day.
NOT TO WORRY I'll continue to use the CPAP machine until I see my Primary Care Physician in May, and the Sleep Disorder Doctor in early June.
IN THE MEANTIME I will do my best not to be a GRUMP, and to remember that CPAP machines and the like would be considered health care luxuries for more than 90% of the world's peoples.

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