Friday, 9 May 2014

My funny octogenarian friend Betty M

Some of you will remember my previous "Povey Prattle" postings about Betty M -  a wonderful octogenarian ex-marine who lives in  the nearby community which is called Glen Oaks Manor.

Betty and I first encountered each other with a smile and a nod as I walked my dog Penne.  Then we moved on to saying "good morning" or "good afternoon".

In due course we stopped in our walks and had friendly chats. 

Those chats led us into a gentle and gracious friendship.  We are very fond of each other.

Did I tell you that Betty is a widow?,  Or that she is of Irish heritage?  Or that she has a daughter, and three sons, one of whom lived with her in recent years. He was a splendid fellow who died from terrible cancer? (His name was Stephen.  He and I had lovely chats as we walked, long before his fatal illness).

Did I tell you that Betty is a great admirer of Penne (my dog)?

With all that said and done, and since I have not seen Betty in a couple of weeks I decided to call her today in order to make contact before my trip to the U.K.

She was glad to hear from me and  explained that she has not walked out in recent weeks because of the increasing heat.

Then she added that she had "been working like a dog today".

With a twinkle in my voice I countered "Betty, that's not fair to Penne".

Without missing a beat she responded.

"O.K." she said "in that case I have been working like a crazy Englishman".

How could I not laugh out loud at her witty repast?
She and I will get togther on this coming Tuesday: one more chance to love and laugh before I take my holiday.

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