Friday, 20 June 2014

More travel

I am just off to Lynchburg VA  (think the late Jerry Falwell!) for the marriage of Zhera Asghar to Noah Bonsey,   Noah and his family were/are parishioners at St. James's, Cambridge, MA

I was last in Lynchburg in 1975.  My then girl friend Anne and I were on the second leg of what turned out to be a 9,500 mile trip around the U.S.A. and Canada by 'bus.

We stopped in Lynchburg for the 'bus to be re-0fuelled and/or cleaned.  There was time for breakfast. Since this was my first foray into the South I decided to have grits  (for the first time)

They were about as exciting as stale bread in warm milk.

It was maybe six years ago that I was driving from Sarasota to Beaufort SC to spend Christmas with the Hauler family.  With me was my Brasilian friend Gabriel.

We had an early start, and cut across the State, avoiding inter-states.  My breakfast time we were in the aptly named town of Stark, FL.  (There is a State prison there - the venue for judicial executions).

We had few choices for breakfast so we went in to an IHOP.  The food was surprisingly "more than O.K.".

The menu featured grits.  Gabriel asked me what they were.  I tried to explain, then I gave up.

"I can't explain them to you" I said to Gabriel, "so let's order some to share".

They were about as exciting as stale bread in warm milk. 

Much better will be a joyful time with Noah and Zehra and their families, together with other guests from Cambridge.

Back in touch on Sunday


There will be grits in Lynchburg, so I may have a "memorial" serving.

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