Friday, 8 August 2014

Bush 43 / Obama 44 / Bush 41

I thought that I was right when I spoke against the invasion  of Iraq under President Dick Cheney -  ooops I meant President George W Bush.

That invasion was based upon manifest lies. It was supported by a supine press which toted the administration's propaganda as if it were the wisdom of the gods.

I still think that I was right.

I thought that I was right when I spoke in favour of President Obama's withdrawal of the American military presence in Iraq.

I know think that I was wrong.


Bush 43's neo-con inspired invasion, together with his arrogant post invasion policies (what's good for America is good for Iraq) led to the utter de-stabilization of Iraq.

Obama 44's premature withdrawal of the military, together with his naïve and apparently unconditional support of Nouri al-Maliki (who is "running" the country to the almost exclusive benefit of Shia Muslims), has led to yet more de-stabilization, cantonisation, and civil war. 

Did the political calculus never lead Bush 43 and Obama 44 to  have even a half-understanding that their policies would lead to Christian (and other religious minorities) being in peril of their lives.

I held no brief for Sadaam Hussein, who was no friend to the Shia and Kurdish populations. Yet under his iron fist the smaller religious minorities had a certain amount of protection and freedom to worship (provided that they toe'd the Baathist line).

In a like manner I hold no brief for the ghastly Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad.  But, like it or not the Christian minority in Syria felt relatively safe under his miserable Pax-Syria.


George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush 41) was mocked and vilified when, after assembling a true coalition which led to the Iraqi army being expelled from Kuwait, he (and General Colin Powell) refused to "chase the Iraqi Army all the way to Baghdad".

That decision was wise and smart. I think that Bush 41 was right.

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