Thursday, 7 August 2014

Gadzooks - NO MORE MORBIER (tears) / FOOLED by a TAZO label

One of my favourite cheeses comes from France.  It is called Morbier
It is usually available at Whole Foods Market.
But not any more. 
According to the "Cheese Man" at Sarasota's Whole Foods  the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned the importation of Morbier Cheese on the grounds that there are too many pathogens on the surface of this cheese. (I liked those pathogens!)
But a web search suggests that the makers of Morbier voluntarily recalled their cheeses.
"Whatever!"   I  miss my Morbier.
Said "Cheese Man" suggested an alternative - a Vermont made un-pasteurized cheese (name unknown) from Springbrook Farm:   see
It's a wonderful cheese - and I bought  a fifth of a pound.  That's all I could splurge on a Vermont Cheese which sells for $15.99 per lb.
I did so today.
I was at our local "Fresh Market" this afternoon and in my thirst I bought a 13.8 fluid oz. bottle of the TAZO brand  "brambleberry" drink for $1. (It was on sale). 
It looked so good.
Back at home I drank it, but I was strangely un-refreshed.
That's when I looked at the label.  'Twas  then that I realised that only 24% of this product was from "juice" and that the remaining fluid was mostly flavoured water. 
I also noted that the product contained 34 grams of sugars.
I thought that I was buying good juice.
 I discovered that in fact I had bought some "juiced up" water.
The label revealed just a wee bit of  "Brambleberry" (a.k.a. "Blackberry") concentrate which in part was mixed with Apple concentrate
Caveat Emptor

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