Monday, 15 September 2014

Penne meets her boyfriend.

I've told you before that Penne is extremely skittish around other dogs.  She seems to be afraid of them.  I have always believed that her previous owners never abused her, but rather that  they neglected her, so she never socialized with other dogs.

I've also told you that Penne made an exception to her rule with Basil a handsome Shar-pei.  She was crazy about him  (as, it transpires, were the other bitches in the area).

Basil and his owner moved away, but soon after, Rick moved into the neighbourhood with his two entirely handsome Standard Poodles, Louis and Vuitton.

Penne immediately fell in love with Vuitton. She can smell his pee at 200 yards, and will drag me to that pee site with immense energy.

She gets very excited when she sees Vuitton.   She and he will go nose to nose, tails all a-wagging, but when Penne tries to play, that big old baby Vuitton hides behind Rick.

Rick sometimes joins Ben, Bob and I for nibbles and drinks in the early evening.  With an abundance of caution on the part of Rick and me, there has been a tacit agreement that the two poodles should stay inside Ben's house, whilst Penne stays with the men out on the Lanai.

This evening dear friend Bob suggested that we might allow Vuitton to join us on the Lanai.  Rick and I agreed, hoping that there would not be a scene.

Out came Vuitton.  He and Penne went nose to nose, tails wagging so much that we hardly needed the fans.  They sniffed around each other  (I blush to tell you the details).  Vuitton did not hide behind his "Dad".  Penne did not try any aggressive play.  Rick's dog and my bitch simply enjoyed each other!

Rick said  (and I think that he is right) that they probably did so well together because they were in a safe place, and un-leashed.

Whoop-dee-doo. It was a lovely scene.  And I am so happy that my beloved Penne could be so utterly relaxed with another dog.  (And its one less thing about which Rick and I need to be neurotic!)
This is not Vuitton (but it could be)


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