Monday, 20 October 2014

That which was lost

Last Saturday (18th Oct)  after walking Penne around the local pond, I drove with her for a shopping trip to "Trader Joes" and to my local 7/11 store.
When I arrived home it was to discover that I had lost my house key.  Not to worry - I had a spare on my car key ring, so I was able to enter my  home.
But where had I lost the house key?  Had it fallen out of my pocket at TJ or at the 7/11.
After Church on Sunday I stopped by at TJ   NO, my key had not been handed in there,
Later in the day I went to the local 7/11 in search of the key.  I retraced my steps, but the key was nowhere to be found.
I entered the store and asked if it had been turned in.  I mentioned that it was on a ring with a purple coloured tag.
The young man at the till grinned from ear to ear when I mentioned the purple tag.  YES indeed my missing key had been turned in, and he knew exactly where it had been stashed,
My key and I were reunited. That was good,
But better still was the "grinning from ear to ear" pleasure on the part of this fine young 7/11 employee.  He was happier than I,  because I had found "that which was lost"..  What a great young man.

Purple Key on my radio

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