Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sydney, AU 1950

Most days I log into the London (U.K.) Guardian Newspaper.  It is a reliable source for news (some of which is never disseminated elsewhere).
The Guardian has three on-line editions - for the U.K,, for the U.S.A., and for Australia.
I often check the Australian edition, fancying myself to have a bit of knowledge about that Commonwealth since my visit there a few years ago. 
I also like to read about the dreadful Australian Premier Tony Abbott. He is a member of the Australian "Liberal Party" -  a party which in every other land would be called "conservative", or even "reactionary".
My British friends might think about Premier Abbott as a son born to Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher.
In the U.S.A. he would be the son of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.
That unbiased opinion aside (!!) I read a Guardian (AU) story about the return of the Tram as a wise and viable means of public transportation.
The story included this photo' (taken in 1950)
I recognized the scene immediately. On my brief visit to Sydney in 2011 I stayed at the Mercure Sydney Hotel on 226 Victoria Street, Kings Cross.

Victoria Street is the one which heads off to the left (by the "s" in the word "Greetings").

How odd that I could recognize a Sydney street scene,  61 years after the photo' had been taken.


The Kings Cross area of Sydney was named for the British monarch Edward VII.  Why then is it NOT called "King's Cross".

Just askin' (!)

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