Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve 2014: such a pleasant day

We're busy doin' nothin'
Workin' the whole day through
Tryin' to find lots of things not to do
We're busy goin' nowhere Isn't it just a crime
We'd like to be unhappy,
but We never do have the time
(Sung by Bing Cosby and others in the film "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court)
Well, not quite busy doing nothing, but I could not be unhappy, for I never did have the time.
I cleared the furniture from one half of my 29' long  Lanai (really a screened in porch) so that I could vacuum clean and wet mop the tiles in that area.  I intended to "do" the other half later in the morning.
That was not smart, since on this very humid day the tiles had not dried seven hours after my labours.  I'll take care of the other half on Boxing day. In the meantime the "other half" of the Lanai is filled with furniture, much to the confusion of my pets.
Penne and I had some good walks.
Taking advantage of inexpensive calls via Skype, I called five of my eight siblings in England.  I'll call two more on Christmas Day, leaving  the final call ( to my youngest sister) on Boxing Day -  'cause that's also her birthday.
I've been a bit "under the weather" since Monday evening, (six of us who were at the same party last Saturday came down with similar symptoms, aching, sweating, dry heaves etc, maybe a 36 hour bug) ) so I have eaten nothing but toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Tuesday and for breakfast and lunch today.  I bought a rib-eye steak as a treat for dinner tonight, but now at 5:45 p.m. December 24th I have next to no appetite.  Toast again?
I played Santa and left a dark chocolate "orange" at the front door of my dear friend Betty, and a bottle of good gin at the front door of dear and good Ben.  I know what they like.
They know that I know what they like!
On Christmas Day I plan to
1. Attend the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist at St. Boniface Church
2, Then visit my dear friend Ron T at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital (and also visit a lovely St. B's parishioner Bill D who is recovering from a broken hip)
3, Join with my friends Fred and Diana E who have invited me to have a Christmas buffet  dinner with them at the Longboat Key Club  see 
That ain't too shabby!  We'll be at the 3:30 sitting.  Pool side, out of doors.  Eat your hearts out northerners!
Seatings: 1 pm, 3:30 pm and 6 pm Come and spend your Christmas at Longboat Key Club! Indulge in carving and salad stations, delightful entrees, raw bar and an elaborate dessert station for you and your loved ones. !
Finally I wish you a Merry Christmas.  Here is my Christmas-tide  photo' - in the true spirit of the holiday  (LOL)


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