Monday, 16 February 2015


The word conveys the sense of listless or sluggish, (according to the O.E.D.)

I have been logey all day long, so much so that I wanted to re-schedule my date to share Holy Communion  lunch with St. Boniface Parishioner Carl H-K at the assisted living residence which is his home.

I did not do re-schedule, , for who knows:  I may be even more logey tomorrow; then comes Ash Wednesday with its own freight, and on Thursday I am supposed/required to attend a Diocese of South West Florida events for clerics:  -  a communion service, followed by a bun fight (a.k.a. lunch).

In the event Carl and I had a pleasant visit as we shared Communion, and the lunch was (as always) first class.

The logey-ness has persisted. You know all about it: :  -  that feeling of tiredness around the eyes, with weary limbs, and a somewhat dizzy head.

Miss Penne has kept me on my feet  (yes, we've had our usual five walks -  totaling three miles).

Who could resist her "beseeching" and beautiful brown eyes?  NOT I SIR!

I'll be in bed soon after 7:00 p.m. this evening, and yes, I'll do the patriotic American thing by swallowing two "over the counter" sleeping pills.  Gotta keep the economy and "Big Pharma" in good shape. 

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