Friday, 5 June 2015

My favourite joke

 My favourite joke was told by the British comedian/actor/singer Alfred Marks.

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I saw and heard him tell this joke on a British T.V. show some forty years ago.  My youngest brother (Martyn), also remembers the joke.

The "set up" is in the working class areas of east London during WWII  (where many men worked in the old London Docks).

The London Docks were an obvious target for enemy bombs.

Alfred Marks' joke went this way.

The air raid sirens went off.

The male of the household  calls out to his wife.

He says:

"Come on me old Dutch, the Sireens  are goin' off, let's get to the shelta".

She replies: " ''ang on a minute, I've got to get me false teef".

He responds:   "Bloody 'el. 'itler's  droppin'  bawms  not sandwiches" 

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