Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ninety One plus Fifty equals One Hundred and Forty One.

Ninety One plus Fifty equals One Hundred and Forty One.

It was a lovely party last Monday (22nd June 2015), hosted by a generous and warm-hearted couple, Bill Byers and Pat Cosgrove.

We were there to celebrate the 91st birthday of the inimitable Ben Morse, and the 50th wedding anniversary of the ever-wonderful Ron and Charlotte Thompson.

Our nonagenarian WWII veteran (Marine Corps), Betty Mullen was there.  So were our local pals Bob Lewis, John Vogel, Gordon Cory, and Rick Farrell.

It was a joyous and enjoyable celebration.


The food was "pot-luck", and disgustingly unhealthy!

Hors d'oeuvres (shrimp wrapped in bacon) were provided by  another friend, Kay.

The main course included fried chicken (from the Publix supermarket)  - (too much batter and not enough chicken in my opinion);  red potatoes slathered in butter; and baked beans: Bush brand "Boston style" (high in molasses and sugar), and enhanced (by me) with bacon.

Dessert was a wonderfully moist and very sweet cake, lathered with desiccated coconut:  (home made by John V). 


I scoffed it all down.  Such a party as this was not the time to be a food purist.

Unhealthy as the food was, I'll be glad to scoff it again,  one hundred and forty one years from now.

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