Monday, 22 June 2015


When I visited my friends Hani and Rula Asfour in Lebanon some twelve years ago I had a most wonderful dinner at the home of Rula's parents.

Rula's  father was in the hospital in Beirut.  I visited him there.

Rula's mother created a great feast, including the best Tabbouleh I have ever eaten.  It must have been made from fresh and local ingredients.

I was thinking about this the other day, so I purchased some ready made tabbouleh at my local supermarket.  You know the stuff  I mean -  all prepared and served in a plastic tub.

It was dreadful.

So I took myself to a local Specialty Market and bought a box of the ready assembled ingredients, which needed no more than hot water and olive oil to be brought to life.

I knew that would not be enough, so I added some finely chopped tomatoes (skinned and de-seeded), and a ton of finely chopped fresh mint.

It was "not bad", though I would be ashamed to serve it to Rula's Mum!

I ate some for lunch today, together with some thinly sliced and good quality tomatoes (with basil), and a couple of slices of cold chicken breast "carved" from a store bought rotisserie chicken.

The chicken was adorned with a couple of teaspoons of  * Branston Pickle.

It was a feast fit not for a King,  (that's too lowly), nay,   it was a feast fit for a free citizen.

*   If you have not tasted Branston Pickle your life has not been fulfilled.


'Twas good, but Rula's mother's tabbouleh cannot be rivaled.



Cheese sandwich with Branston Pickle

Lebanese Tabbouleh (picture from the web)


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