Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A cautionary tale.

Don't let this happen to you!

I was preparing a light supper meal at about 8:00 last evening, Tuesday 4th August 2015. It was to have included a Morning Star Brand "Spicy Black Bean Burger", a few "heirloom" cherry tomatoes, and some Paisley Farms Brand "Five Bean Salad".

That was the plan. It was the plan until I dropped the glass jar containing 35.5 fluid ounces of the Five Bean Salad.

Oh woe. Oh misery.

There were shards of glass, hundreds of beans, and an indecent amount of fluid all over my kitchen floor.

I was too tired to effect a complete clean-up, so I swept up as much of the glass shards and beans as I could, and covered the rest of the mess with some old towels.

The real clean up took place this morning. My entire kitchen floor was covered with a sticky mess. After walking the dog (twice); feeding all three animals; and having a bit of toast for breakfast, I set to work with an old fashioned mop and pail.

I had to make two passes with a wet mop on the floor before it lost its dirty stickiness.

I have some profound advice for you. Never drop a 35.5 fluid ounce jar of Five Bean Salad on your kitchen floor.


I learned so much from this bitter experience that I hoved over to the Plymouth Harbour Retirement Community tonight, there to have dinner with St. Boniface parishioner Lorna Hard.

(In truth we had planned this a few weeks ago)

I had a bit of salad from the salad bar in the elegant dining room, and for my main course I had liver and bacon, with a side of spinach.

The food at Plymouth Harbour is excellent.

Even better was the fellowship and conversation with Lorna.

Dinner at Plymouth Harbour, and lively conversation with Lorna trumps Five Bean Salad on my kitchen floor!

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