Friday, 7 August 2015

SRQ Handyman/Master Tinkerer

He describes himself as a "Master Tinkerer".

His name is David, and his 'phone # is 941 993 9756

He was recommended to me by a St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL parishioner

He has tinkered for me, e.g. he has fiddled around to take care of those fiddly home-owner tasks/ repairs, for which I do not have the skill, tools, or knowledge to put right; but for which I do not need a contractor or even a specialist handyman.

(An example: The pull chain for the overhead fan in my bedroom snapped, and the short end retreated into the housing. David knew how to take care of this, and he went one better. He suggested, and I agreed to the retro-fitting of a gizmo in the casing, so that the fan can be turned on and off, or the speed changed, with a remote control. That's particularly handy during the wee hours of the night, when the air being blown around gets too chilly - I can turn the fan off without leaving my bed.)

[Now, if only there could be a device to enable me to tinkle (not tinker) without getting out of bed. I do not mean "Depends"]

I have recommended David to others, and they have been well pleased with his work.

Call David if you need some tinkering in your home. He is very good at those fiddly little tasks,

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