Self interest or altruism

My 92 year old WWII era Marine Betty had a bad fall last Thursday.

I was walking around the pond when I saw the ambulance drive away from her home/.

As luck would have it, her neighbours Judy and Linda were on the scene, so they were able to fill me in on the details.

This meant that I could call one of Betty's sons (he lives in Colorado)  and alert him to his Mum's accident.

Turns out that Betty had broken her right hip.

I saw her in the hospital on Friday, a few hours before her surgery,  She was a bit "out of it" due to the effect of pain killers.

I then e-mailed her local friends to tell them about Betty's accident.

Her Friday evening surgery went well.  She was under the knife for just about an hour.

Saturday dawned and I learned the surgery had been pleasing to the surgeon.

I have been in constant contact with the Colorado son, with Betty's neighbours and with her friends.

I saw her today.  Despite severe pain, she was her usual funny and feisty self.   She had undertaken two short walks -  less than 24 hours after surgery -  go figure. She will most likely move to a rehab. centre as soon as Monday.


So, here's the deal:

Has my ministry with Betty and her circle been a matter of my care for Betty and my altruism?

Or has it been a matter of my self-interest? (I love to be at the centre of things - this case the point person).

It's most likely been  a bit of both.

That being the case I venture to suggest that all the calls for volunteer lay-ministry in the Church  should be couched in terms which appeal to a person's altruism and to  her/his altruism/


  1. You care because you care, don't beat yourself up for caring!


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