Thursday, 10 December 2015

When I die - DO NOT plan "A Celebration of Life"

Of course I do not know when I will die.

Even though I am in apparent good health it could be next week (I hope not, 'cause I still have a lot of living to live)

Or (perish the thought) it could be twenty years hence.

I do not worry about dying.  After all, once I have died I will be dead:- "Can't do nothing about that!"

But "whenever" it happens please bear this in mind  (if you are still around!)

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT plan some vacuous and sentimental "Celebration of my Life".

I am simply not that important.  I am not a celebrity.

I have tried to do some good in my life, at this I have often failed.

I have sometimes been mean, deceitful, and evil.

In the great and vast scheme of things my tenure on this planet has been incredibly insignificant!  But it has been good for me.

DO plan a simple prayer service in some sacred place, at which God's mercy and grace will be exalted; and at which my imperfect soul will be committed to that mercy and grace.

NO EULOGIES PLEASE  -  I do not wish my burial prayers to be sullied by lies!  Just read and proclaim the Gospel if you please,


For those who like to "read between the lines" I repeat that I am in apparent good health ( and enjoying this precious gift of life to the full!)


With thanks for the following which I read on Facebook via my friend Noel B

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