Friday, 15 January 2016

#*!!#***## Comcast ............................ and a visitor to my home today

On many recent days (sometimes three times a day)  Verizon's FIOS has been urging me via a Facebook posting to hurry up and to claim my $400 bonus.

I am sceptical about such bonuses.  But that's beside the point.  FIOS  is not available in my community.  So much for a Communications Company.

We are stuck with #*!!#***## Comcast.

The Condo. Association has a "deal" with Comcast, so basic cable T.V. service is included in our monthly Association charge.

I have to pay extra for WiFi.    Comcast chooses to increase their bill for this every darn year, despite the fact that there are no additional services, no improvement in performance, (and inflation is next to nothing).

I wrote them last year to ask why my charge had increased, but of course I did not receive a reply. (So much for another Communications Company).   This year the increase was $2 per month, with no explanation as to why.   Now I pay $66.65 per month, for WiFi only.

(It would be cheaper, but less convenient, if I walked to my local McDonald's once a day to use their free WiFi and paid $1.09 for a medium coffee).

Of course in this case the myth of the "free market" is exposed.  There is no free market when there is a local monopoly.

#*!!#***## Comcast.


I paid nothing
for the beauty of a visitor who came to my home to rest for a while today.

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