Thursday, 11 February 2016

Dreams, Dogs, Dough - and a little Trash Talk.

Wow, my dreams were all over the place last night.

First I was talking to Donald Trump.  We were in a Courtyard in what appeared to be a European City.

I was not being very nice.

Next I was looking through a window into a small room in a house in the U.K.  I saw Queen Elizabeth II -  all resplendent in a plum coloured coat and hat,

She was being presented with various gifts (mostly books)  which she placed on a small side table.

She stumbled, but kept her balance by placing her left hand on the table.

Then she stumbled again -  and I did not see what happened to her.I imagined that she had fallen down.

Then I was a Conference Centre at which I was supposed to lead a religious retreat for young people,

 But the room we had reserved had been taken over by a very bad tempered Eastern Orthodox Bishop and his followers. I skid-addled!

I walked with some difficulty down a corridor which was jam packed with young school-children and their teachers.

I emerged into yet another Courtyard, and there they were, the Youth, all gathered for their retreat.  I was very late.

I began my presentation by saying "I will not make you do one of those boring "bonding" games, because you have already bonded very well.

For reasons I do not comprehend the young people thought my words were very funny, and they became convulsed with laughter.


I lost my dog groomer when my Veterinarian had to move from his spacious premises into a much smaller office, with no grooming facilities.

The woman who had worked for him came to my home in her dog grooming and bathing van, but her fee had increased by 40%.

Then I noticed that a mobile dog-washing facility  sets up for business every Thursday in a parking lot near me, at the "Strutting Pup" facility for day and overnight care centre for canines.

I took Penne there this morning.  She was all a quiver as she climbed the ramp into the tub.  But once the owner started to shower and shampoo her, she  (sweet girl that she is) relaxed and enjoyed her shower, shampoo, rinse, and toweling down.

The cost?  A mere $12,

see  (perfect for short haired dogs)



I have grown to enjoy the Eureka Brand organic breads, (available at most "Publix" Supermarkets in SRQ).  The bread is very good and presumably healthy. The packaging is distinctive.

 Corporate Baker "Arnolds" recently introduced their allegedly healthy bread, in packages which look suspiciously like the Eureka wrappers.

Confused by the similarity of the wrappers I bought one of these Arnold's  Breads the other week, thinking it to be Eureka Bread.

I knew that I had been mistaken just as soon as I ate a slice of the Arnold Brand bread.

It is not a patch on the excellent Eureka Brand bread.

As a result of this I have a very unfavourable opinion of the Arnold's Bread Corp/ whose wrappers look much like those from Eureka, but whose product is mightily inferior.



Eddy is the youngish man who collects my trash each week on behalf of the City of Sarasota.  You couldn't possibly meet a finer Civic employee.  He works with speed, efficiency, and gracious charm,

He knows that I respect and like him.

He had just picked up my trash bag this morning as I got back to my home after a a walk with Penne.

Eddy stopped his truck, jumped out, took off his glove, and shook my hand.

He asked :"and how is all your family?"

I told him that they are well.

Before he jumped back into the Garbage Truck he said  "I love you man".

He was not declaring eternal and romantic love!   Rather he was saying that he is glad that I am on his route.

"I love you too Eddy.   I am delighted that you are my trash collector. You are the very best!"

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