Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Memory, My Mum, and "YUM"

Memory can often be triggered by taste or smell.

It happened to me yesterday as I remembered our Mum's "Custard Tart".  She would make this at weekends for "afters" (the name we gave to dessert or pudding).

Last night (Sunday) as  I chatted with my brother Martyn we each salivated as we remembered the "Custard Tart" of our youth,

Now the Custard we enjoyed in the U.K  (and maybe in Ireland, Australia, India and New Zealand) is not the classic egg-based custard of  French fame see:


Rather it is a faux custard made with milk,sugar, and "Bird's Custard Powder"  see:


Faux or not, my taste buds kicked in today, leading me to make a Custard Pie, with a store bought  pie crust, with "Bird's Custard", and with sliced banana.

My home made custard pie

It was pretty darn good, but it would have been improved if I'd added a bit more sugar, and used half and half instead of whole milk.

Bird's Custard fans also "love"  to serve it hot over apple pie  (or even better blackberry and apple pie)

Apple Pie with Custard ( photo' from Google images)


  1. Just had a banana pudding from Public's, it might be close to your custard tart.