Sunday, 1 May 2016

Splendid Police Honour Guard at a Funeral

It fell to my lot to preside and preach on Saturday 30th April at the funeral for a man who found comfort and grace in God at St. Boniface Church  in his latter years.

I'd had the privilege of praying with him one Sunday at Church, and twice on the day of his death,

He was but 61 years old.  He had been a Police Officer in Fairfax County VA, and then a Sherriff's Deputy, before he retired to Sarasota.

He had a a stellar and honorable career, often exposing himself to great danger in his noble desire "To Protect and Serve".

Although he had never served locally  the Sarasota Police Department provided a Guard of Honour, with two Police Officers, a man and a woman.

Dressed in their splendid dress uniforms, they, taking it in turns one by one,  stood vigil next to the Urn from the moment it entered the Church until it was placed in the Columbarium.

The thought is that no departed Police Officer should have funeral rites without the presence of another Officer - who, in a word,  will "Stand By Me"  (in death as they would have done in life)

The two Officers from the SPD  were impressive in their (volunteer) service at the Funeral Rites for "one of their own",

Oh the dignity, oh the poise, oh the professionalism of this police woman and this police man.


Of course there are no photo's from yesterday's rites, so these  are "generic",  lifted as they were from "Google Images".

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