Still in SRQ (Atlanta's to blame!)

  • A day late  but not a Dollar short,  (so far).

Because of bad weather in Atlanta this afternoon (June 5th) hundreds of flights in and out of ATL were canceled or delayed.

Bad weather in Atlanta, would you believe it?

One of the delayed flights was the one I was supposed to take from SRQ to ATL  and then to LHR.

It was delayed so much that I would not have made my connection to LHR.

Bummer indeed.  (but I bet that at least 100,000 travelers were seriously inconvenienced , including the young Mom and Dad with two very children who were trying to re-schedule flights from Sarasota to Omaha via ATL.  my heart went out to them),

As best I know, I will now fly out from SRQ on Wednesday afternoon (6th) on a Delta,to ATL flight,
and then  take  a  Virgin American VS 0016/Delta 4357 flight  from ATL to LHR . arrving at LHR at 10:00 a..m. British Summer Time on Thursday 7th,

If all goes well my bro-in-law John T will meet me at LHR on Thursday morning and drive me to Bristol so that  I will be there  in time for my brother Steve's funeral on Friday 8th,


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