In defence of Penne. Good for you Best Buy. Latest on Ada

Penne is usually good about taking pills.

We went through a rough period when her skin infection made her so uncomfortable.  That's when we had "fun and games" with pill pockets and meat balls.

Now that she is "all better"  (thanks to the wonder drug "Apoquel" ) she's most good at swallowing the pills down, but just occasionally she fakes me out by pretending to swallow the pill.  I find this to be a wee bit amusing.

I had to buy a new laptop because during my day without electricity I spilled water over the keyboard of my vintage laptop  -  and we all know what that means.

I now have a very inexpensive LENOVO ideapad 110, with a nice big screen.

But "darn it all" the new machine would not recognise my HP Officejet 5740 printer.  I feared the worst,

I made an appointment with Best Buy's Geek Squad for this morning.  The utterly courteous techie who attended to me promptly identified the problem and the solution,  and within  twenty five minutes I was on my way with a functioning printer  (at no cost).

I made sure to e-mail his supervisor with some words of praise, especially because this employee also had to deal with some very impatient customers, and one who was utterly rude.

It's never easy to work in the retail and service sector.

I have not yet heard from the veterinarian about the results of  Ada's blood and urine tests.  But working on the assumption that she has over-active thyroid problems,  I have been giving her as much canned food as she requests.  That has the side effect that she is drinking less water (and that her pee smell is no longer obnoxious).  (She is gaining fluids from the canned food).

She is not in any distress, so I will keep up this "max food" regime until I hear otherwise.  Maybe it will be more efficacious than drugs.


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